Family, industry farewell Paul Cronin.

Veterans remembered a favourite TV dad at yesterday's memorial service.

A memorial service was held in Hawthorn yesterday for the late Paul Cronin.

Family, friends and industry veterans paid tribute to the man fondly remembered as “Dave Sullivan.”

Pete Smith was emcee at the Hawthorn Arts Centre which featured tributes and memories, slide shows and video shows showcasing his family life, acting, football management and radio careers.

Attending with daughters Jane, Katherine, Susanne & Juliana and grandchildren were Lorraine Bayly, Reg Gorman, Phillip Brady, Terry Donovan, Ken James, directors Rod Hardy and David Lee, former GTV9 programme director Jim McKay and 3AW’s Simon Owens.

Lorraine Bayly remembered her on-screen husband as being the easiest male lead she ever had the pleasure of working with. She got a great laugh as she spoke of the day she met Paul and how they ended up in bed together that same day. As it turns out the first scene of The Sullivans ever filmed involved the Sullivan kids waking their mum and dad up. It was only at the end of her speech that the unflappable actress broke down. Her voice choking as she farewelled a friend she had known and kept in contact with for over 40 years.

Cronin died on September 13 aged 81.

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