Gallery: Footy Show grand final

Rod Laver Arena was a little over half full for Footy Show's final hurrah and a crowd-pleaser led by Eddie McGuire.

The (allegedly) last ever AFL Footy Show wrapped at 11:30pm last night at Rod Laver Arena with returning favourite Trevor Marmalade, a laryngitis-stricken Rebecca Maddern and a player revue with Shane Crawford as Elton John.

Eddie McGuire was clearly happy to be back at the helm alongside Sam Newman -who had been trending all day over insulting comments on 16 year old climate change advocate Greta Thunberg.

Brendan Fevola, Billy Brownless, Doug Hawkins were along for the ride along with guests James Reyne Birds of Tokyo, Scared Weird Little Guys and Mike Brady.

Trevor Marmalade returned with a stand-up routine before joining the panel for his trademark wisecracks. He later admitted, “I’d forgotten how much fun this was.”

Rod Laver Arena was a little over half full for the final hurrah which was billed as a tribute to 25 years of entertainment. For most of that run the show drew stellar ratings and Live TV, but with more than its share of controversies usually aligned with Newman.

Despite no lead-up to the special in recent weeks, Nine still turned on a crowd-pleaser pitched at its core fanbase, or at least the half reminiscing about better days.

Photos: Les O’Rourke.

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  1. Enjoyed it for what it was – well done, and thanks again to Nine for it coming back to say farewell to 25 years. With those numbers, leave it on a high. Shame that nine didn’t see it as twitter worthy considering the AFL twitter account linked to 9 in each one. I thought that spoke volumes. But congrats again on 25 years, was great to see Treve back

  2. I was one of those from the ‘half reminiscing about better days’ group that tuned in. Didn’t make it all the way to the end, as it ran too late for me, but enjoyed what I did see. It was great seeing Trevor again. I’m not sure he needed to do a stand-up show, however I loved seeing him on the panel taking the p*ss out of everyone. He should never have been taken off the show all those years ago.

    I did manage to see the player review. As usual Craw was a stand out and good on Mitch Robinson and one or two others for actually knowing the words they were lip-syncing too. Most clearly didn’t. It was also great seeing the AFLW players participating, but my favourite moment had to be Sandilands and Ballantyne. They clearly haven’t had an acting or dancing lesson in their lives, it was great TV!

  3. I only watched about 30 minutes but became bored with the analysis of the game etc.
    Who is that in the pic taking off Freddie Mercury ? And who is Sam supposed to be in the main photo ?, he looks quite good, very youthful around the eyes?

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