Knife thrower out of Australia’s Got Talent grand final

One of tonight’s Grand Final acts in Australia’s Got Talent will not appear to his unavailability.

Knife thrower Captain Ruin, who secured Joel Creasy’s golden buzzer to the grand final, is understood to be overseas when filming took place.

Host Ricki-Lee tells the audience 10 grand final acts will instead become 9.

“Yes I did say nine. Captain Ruin was unable to be here tonight, so that means the odds have now improved for the nine acts competing,” she says at the top of the show.

Remaining acts are acro-dance troupe aKrobatiKa, singer Jennifer Anderson, comedy magician Lioz, kid dance crew Lil Kookies, pole artist Kristy Sellars, comedian Umit Bali, Indigenous artist Mitch Tambo, dancer Sienna Osborne and singer Olina Loau.

Tonight’s final with judges Manu Feildel, Shane Jacobson, Lucy Durack, Nicole Scherzinger involves a Live audience vote (non-AEST viewers should watch social media for voting alerts) with a pre-recorded ending to screen based on voting results.

Cosentino and Samantha Jade also perform.

7pm tonight on Seven.


  1. I find this so selfish to the other contestants that worked the a##ses off to get yo the grand to the semi and grand final. They should have some done a ballot to bring a previous act back into play… If you can’t make it (unless it is due to to absolutely private family emergency….

  2. Regardless of this, I’m really looking forward to tonight – AGT has been fun TV, which is something that we haven’t had a whole lot of lately. I tend to watch it while cooking dinner and it’s light and engaging and perfect for a Sunday night. Then it’s off to The Block (recorded so I can FF over all the drivel).
    The judges have been a hoot and Nicole has been quite the revelation – she’s so passionate and invested, which I found to be a lovely surprise.
    My hope for a win tonight are either Umit Bali or Mitch Tambo. Both of them are incredibly talented and would seem to have the goods for long term success.

  3. There should have had a reserve act ready to go in such circumstances, a Wildcard if you like. There are some visually spectacular performances in the GF, and I also like Jennifer Anderson’s powerhouse vocals.

  4. If that is the case then why didn’t they bring in another contestant from that semi final? It’s a bit unfair on those who missed out if you ask me. I also don’t understand why they would prerecord the result. Surely they could get them together for the live result since we are voting after all. It’s been a pretty decent series but some of the choices for the finale have been very odd.

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