Ladies Night helps narrow Sunday win for Seven

Ratings: The Block wins its slot and the demos, but Ladies Night sees Seven claim Sunday by just 0.1%.

Two big shows were locked in a battle last night on what was ultimately a neck and neck battle for Sunday share.

The Block won its slot and topped the demos at 1.03m defeating The All New Monty: Ladies Night at 889,000. Seven’s audience was stronger than the most recent all-male outing and drew high praise on social media for raising cancer awareness.

The Pool (from 7:40pm was 396,000) and a late-running match for the Rugby World Cup drew 376,000 in preliminary figures, to be adjusted to 395,000 for 10  and Great Indian Railway Journeys (183,000) followed.

But a strategically-coded “performance” at the end of Ladies Night went as high as 1.03m, technically ranking higher than 60 Minutes in the same slot at 573,000. Less than half of Seven’s bumper audience remained for Secret Bridesmaids Business with 426,000 from 9pm. It’s a shame the show didn’t start a bit earlier, but it will lift via Timeshifted.

Seven Network won Sunday -just- with 32.5% then Nine 32.4%, ABC 14.0%, 10 13.1% and SBS 8.0%.

Seven News won its slot with 957,000. Runaway Millionaires was just 119,000.

Nine News was 878,000 for Nine. Forensics: The Real CSI was 217,000.

ABC News (584,000) Les Norton (297,000), Compass (214,000) and the last-ever Glitch (94,000) comprised ABC’s remaining shows.

Elsewhere The Graham Norton Show was 188,000  in preliminary figures. Instinct was 166,000  / 99,000.

On SBS it was  Rome: What Lies Beneath and SBS World News (both 136,000).

Bluey led multichannels at just 134,000.

OzTAM Overnights: Sunday 29 September 2019


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  1. i wonder if 7 will learn a lesson from the SBB ratings,most people here said it should’ve been on at 8.30, so why aren’t professional TV programmers able to work it out?? if they would like to pay me what i presume would be a slightly obscene amount of $$$ to do the job, my hand is up.

  2. I watched ABC News live, then 2 hours of recorded shows (Old People’s Home for 4 Year Olds final & Grand Designs Aus), which took me to about 8.45. I flicked over to live TV, and the Ladies Night performance hadn’t even started yet…!

  3. Funny seeing “performance” coded separately for Ladies Night, while it wasn’t coded separated for the Men’s Night a few weeks back….. Good numbers nonetheless.

    Secret Bridesmaids’ Business on the other hand…. echoing what others said… not so good.

  4. I watched all of Ladies Night….and loved it…as did most others I connected with after the event….
    To enjoy it …you needed to be involved ….It was not a strip show….it was a lovely story…

  5. Ok Seven, it’s clear that Ladies Night was a winner of sorts.

    So please abandon your search for the most ridiculous dating/relationship shows. What you should do is run with the success of half naked female celebrities and create your own show called Stripping With The Stars.

    All of Australia would love to see Sam Armytage, Natalie Barr, Edwina Bartholomew, Monique Wright, Sally Bowry, Ann Sanders, Rosanna Mangiarelli, Samantha Jolly et al strut their stuff for charity.

    Judges could be David Koch, Kyle Sandilands, and Alan Jones.

    Get onto it for 2020!!!!

  6. I switched over to Ladies night after the block and absolutely loved it to my surprise.SBB was great, really great cast and fast paced but agree it should have been an 8.30 start with ladies night 7.30 to 8.30.Looking forward to the second part tonight and also loved the one minute add breaks.

  7. I really love The Graham Norton Show, it has exposed me to Broadchurch, Olivia Colman, Happy Valley, Jack Whitehall and so many other people and programs I would never have watched (including catching up on Take Thats music from the 90’s and more that I missed first time around)
    Such a shame 10 can’t find a home where it rates better

  8. We saw the tale end of Ladies Night by chance….wonder why it was a two hour show? And agree David, I wish dramas started much earlier and this starting at 9.03pm is definitely a late start. Have recorded to watch later.

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