Lucy Zelic apologises over Adelaide insult

SBS Sports presenter Lucy Zelic has apologised after describing Adelaide as a “shithole” in an interview on a World Game podcast.

“You won’t see much in Adelaide,” she told Central Coast Mariners recruit Ziggy Gordon.

“Adelaide’s a shithole.

“No disrespect, no disrespect.

“I can say that because I’ve travelled there multiple times and I didn’t enjoy it. I found it to be incredibly dull and boring.”

Today the SBS presenter was madly backpedalling.

“Yesterday I made an off-handed comment about Adelaide on The World Game Live. I recognise these comments weren’t okay and I’m truly sorry for what I said,” she wrote via Twitter.

“It’s an outrageous comment,” South Australian Premier Steven Marshall told

“I think that commentator needs to come to Adelaide and have a look at the great state that we are.”

Source: Yahoo

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