Matt chooses Chelsie on The Bachelor 2019

This time we have a winner as astrophysicist Matt Agnew chose chemical engineer Chelsie.

We have a winner.

After 2018’s train-wreck Bachelor finale in which Nick Cummins infamously declined to choose a partner, astrophysicist Matt Agnew last night chose 28 chemical engineer Chelsie.

 “I’ve never believed in such a thing as the perfect woman until I met you,” he told her in a picturesque South African setting.

“I love how you make me feel and you make me want to believe in fairy tales because when I’m with you I feel like I’m living in one.”

Chelsie, from Victoria, was convinced she was being dumped after sharing her feelings on a safari date.

“I thought you were going to break my heart. I was crying all morning. And now you didn’t break it, you made it whole again.”

But it was heartbreak for 23 year old property analyst Abbie, who fell out of favour with Matt’s close friend, Kate.

“I’ve loved every single moment we’ve had…,” he began, but added, “It’s just that my heart belongs with someone else.”

10’s 7th Bachelor season continues to perform for the network, strategically in the back half of the week, while tabloids devote plenty of column inches.

Season 8 casting is currently seeking singles while The Bachelorette is due to begin soon.

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