Netflix nabs Seinfeld library from 2021

“People don’t turn down money! It’s what separates us from the animals.” – Jerry.

All 180 episodes of Seinfeld are headed to Netflix from 2021 in a mega-deal rumoured to be worth more than $500 million (AU$728m).

The deal is a global play for five years, set to begin in 2021.

Seinfeld is a one-of-a-kind, iconic, culture-defining show,” said Mike Hopkins, chairman of Sony Pictures Television. “Now, 30 years after its premiere, Seinfeld remains center stage. We’re thrilled to be partnering with Netflix to bring this beloved series to current fans and new audiences around the globe.”

Hulu currently controls the US streaming rights to until 2021 while Amazon has distributed the series internationally.

Source: Variety


  1. Jᴏʜɴɴʏ 1ᴘ5

    Hey Amazon or Stan in preparation of losing these how about picking up It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, 13 seasons in the can and the 14th about to begin (the $2.99 an episode on YouTube or Google Play is a bit rich for my tastes).

  2. That is an amazing amount of money. Problem for Netflix in this case is I was given Seinfeld the box set a few birthdays ago. I’ve watched it multiple times.

  3. Amazing that a 30 year old sitcom still has so much financial weight. I am no longer an avid viewer, I’ve watched it from start to end a number of times during it’s rerun’s on TEN, and TV1, but I’ll still watch an episode if it’s a classic or there’s little else on.

  4. Yawn, spend the money on new content and lets this stupid bloody show die already, it wasn’t funny then and it hasn’t been funny in the 20 years since it was axed.

    • I think you’ll find Netflix is spending big, $15 billion big on new content, they’re producing so much that it is simply lost in the noise.

      They’re about to loose big shows like The Office and Friends which consistently rank as the most watched content in the library – Seinfeld covers some of that gap – whether you like it or not doesn’t matter because it is a very popular show now as much, if not more than it was then.

      Comedy is subjective, I love Seinfeld but hate The Big Bang Theory which many regard quite highly.

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