Networks lock onto October Upfronts

Seven, Nine and 10 have now all locked onto their Upfronts events for 2020.

All three will unveil their programming highlights to advertisers in October.

10 is first cab off the rank this year on Thursday October 10 at Darling Harbour.

Nine will follow on Wednesday October 16 at FOX Studios with Seven on Wednesday October 23, also at Darling Harbour (Seven is no longer using the “AllFronts” term, thank goodness).

Some will also stage interstate events.

There are also rumours of public broadcasters making presentations in November.


  1. Just want Survivor and The Amazing Race from Ten and that’s it. Couldn’t care less about any of the other rubbish they will serve up. Survivor is a given as this has been it’s strongest year and hopefully The Amazing Race will perform well enough too.

  2. Well 10 have the best upfront graphics by far. Nine looks very dated and 7’s are just woeful. And yes, they promise how’s, but then hold some over regardless……. Makes smokers of the whole process.

  3. Why do they even bother! The three commercial channels promise the world and then fail to deliver. Tell us in October that shows are coming soon yet 12 months later we are still waiting. They sit on US shows for years then try to convince us they are new. When will they realise Australian viewers have woke up to their tricks and are switching in droves to streaming services. I just pity those poor pensioners who can’t afford internet downloads

  4. Seven will be all about the Olympics and their commitment to sports and Australian content. they through some new drama in amongst MKR & house rules. it will be very predictable.

    Nine will talk about breakfast/morning TV and their commitment to Australian content as well as MAFS and Seachange.

    Ten will talk about all their “success” in 2019 not mentioning their many fails. they will offer up more of the same as well as mentioning all their hit shows and their returning “pilot week”
    There might be a few surprises, Rove moving to replace Grant on Celeb name game or on Dancing with the Stars. Regardless of new content it will likely feel cut and paste. they’ll also mention their commitment to neighbours, now in it’s 900th season airing every day of the year

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