Returning: Survivor (US)

9GO! fasttracks new US season with Sandra and "Boston Rob" as series mentors.

As the local edition wraps, Survivor fans will be pleased to know 9GO! will again fasttrack a new season next week.

Survivor: Island of the Idols sees returning winners Sandra Diaz-Twine and “Boston Rob” Mariano return to the game as mentors. Both will live on Island of the Idols, but will not be competing for the million-dollar prize.

Again filmed in Fiji, this will screen same day as the US. 9Now is yet to confirm an online premiere.

As Rob told the Hollywood Reporter: “Think of it like a Survivor boot camp or training camp, where they can come over and they can learn any kind of skill that they need. Any lesson, they can come and learn it over here. We can do anything, you know? We’ve been here over 200 days between the two of us. We can make a fire like that. We can teach them how to fish. We have everything that they would need to learn how to do any skill that it takes to survive out here.”

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7:30pm Thursday September 26 on 9GO!

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  1. This is gonna be a huge season and eyes are already on season 40 (shot before they filmed S39) with all former winners – including Rob – as survivors. Gonna be a massive year for us Survivor fans.

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