Seven wins at Football Media Association awards

Seven AFL commentators and reporters were honoured at the Australian Football Media Association awards last night,

Bruce McAvaney was awarded the Best TV commentator – match day. The judges said his longevity, knowledge and passion for the game made him a standout in a very strong field of broadcasters. McAvaney dedicated his award to Norwood great Robert Oatey with whom he had the pleasure of calling with in the SANFL.

Brian Taylor was awarded the Lou Richards Award for the second time for his work on Seven’s AFL coverage and MMM radio in 2019. The medal is awarded to a former or current league footballer working in the media. It recognises all the qualities displayed by Lou throughout his career on and off the field, including his personality, humour and ability to talk about the game.

Seven News reporter Tom Browne was awarded the Best TV/Radio/Online news reporter for his exceptional work on the Jaidyn Stephenson match-betting story. The judges said “AFL integrity issues are a notoriously difficult nut to crack and are strongly in the public interest” and Brown’s revelation was the “standout scoop”. He broke the story with information from trusted sources before the AFL or Collingwood confirmed it.


  1. Oh dear, I have nearly stopped listening to the commentators on Friday nights because of Brian Taylor. Bruce Mc is the only reason I have stayed. But I now turn off every quarter and half time because “BT” is likely to appear, and that is sad because 7 Plays in 7 Days is my favourite segment but I can’t watch it anymore.

    Bruce Mc is also the only one who does not have a bias toward Victorian teams. He deserves an award for his professionalism.

    • Jᴏʜɴɴʏ 1ᴘ5

      Been in the same boat myself especially when James Brayshaw is on, come on James stop yelling at us the audience and/or going over the top all the time, you do it in the AFL and the Cricket. I’ve actually turned off Seven and just gone with the Radio (no vision) as well especially when Taylor and Brayshaw are on commentary together, between one yelling at e and the other coming up with weird ways to say players names just can’t do it.

      Used to be able to sync my Digital Radio up to the TV by recording the vision and pausing and stepping forward and back, however seem to have lost the art of doing it lately, can pause the radio as well however even that seems to miss syncing these days.

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