The Bachelorette: promo

10 has released a promo for The Bachelorette featuring ex-Gogglebox star Angie Kent.

She is joined by Yvie Jones in what is a pitch perfect promo. This one captures her personality and a sense of romance to a tee….

A date is yet to be revealed.

Once upon a time on a couch far, far away, lived a sweet and sassy gal, who was ready to give love a crack and find her bae.

With a touch of magic and a sprinkle of cheek, Angie has traded her PJ’s and Ugg boots for something much more fancy, in the highly anticipated new season of The Bachelorette Australia. Hot diggity damn.

Australia will get to follow Angie as she goes on a quest to find her Prince Charming. And with television’s ultimate knight in shining armour, Osher Günsberg, by her side, she has nothing to lose… besides maybe a shoe.

Angie’s idea of Prince Charming however, isn’t what you would expect. Tall, dark and handsome? No thanks. This loveable pocket rocket wants a man that makes her laugh so hard she snorts.

When asked what she’s looking for in a man, Angie said: “Laughter and passion! I want a man just to laugh with, to share each other’s lives with. Just to be happy together.”

The question on everyone’s lips though, is will this jungle princess need to kiss a few frogs to meet her Prince Charming. Will she live happily ever after?

After all, you’re never too old for fairy tales.


  1. So much for Gogglebox being all about ‘ordinary Australians’. We’ve now had appearances on I’m A Celebrity, Studio 10, Celebrity Chase, Celebrity Name Game, a National radio show just off the top of my head and now as the main attraction in The Bachelorette. Disappointed.

  2. Smiling here also. Looking forward to watching this. I hope they have picked men that are suited to her and not ones like they had for Sophie Monk. To me that was a disaster.

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