The Loop marks 400 episodes

The Loop, hosted by Scott Tweedie and Liv Phyland, will celebrate its 400th episode tomorrow, with special guests Dannii Minogue and Dami Im.

Liv Phyland said: “We have given people all across Australia a soundtrack to their weekend… 400 weeks in a row. When you think of it like that, it’s pretty cool.

“For the first 200 episodes, I had The Loop with Scott and Ash, playing in my lounge room to start my Saturday morning. So, to have hosted the show alongside Tweedie for the following 200 Saturdays, has been pretty surreal. Bring on the next 400!”

Scott Tweedie said: “To get past episode one was an achievement, episode two an honour and now episode 400! I have literally spent a 25% of my life on The Loop (eight years out of 31), I don’t think I was shaving when I started back in 2012!

“Not a day goes by where I feel like I’m working, I count my lucky stars every episode. Thanks for the good time and many more to come.”

Since The Loop has been on the box, it has delivered 11,200 songs, 65 music themes, and 800 minutes of infectious beats.

OG co-host Ash London will join Liv and Scott as they skip down memory lane, recount their favourite moments and share their highlights from the past eight years, which will no doubt include a kiss from Ed Sheeran on the ARIA Red Carpet, a music lesson on the recorder with Jason Derulo and everything in-between.

Saturday, 21 September 9.00am on 10.


  1. 5 years ago I found The Loop when I was stuck at home, recovering from a Brain Aneurysm.
    I loved it so much that I recorded it religiously every Saturday, and watched it first thing every morning for 3 years, sometimes twice!
    I bought equipment to specifically do this!! ))
    They introduced me to new music and new groups I would otherwise not have known or listened to, unlike many in my age group-who are stuck in the 80’s. I’d get up early watch The Loop, and have a new song in my heart all day! ))
    I believe it helped my recovery and the pains in my head-no stress, just a song on my mind. )) Try it!
    I really loved it! I was even upset when Ash left.
    But Liv proved fun and cute, Scott? He was cool.

    But now…..?

    I went from recording the whole 2 1/2 hours, 3+ years ago, to only recording the last hour, which only has a few new/current songs and only gets watched…

  2. Scott Tweedie, Liv, Ash London, Tanya, Justin and all behind the scenes congratulations on 400 shows! I’ve really liked Loop Off, Is It a Banger? and the introduction of the Random Retromizer. It’s great they interact with viewers. What a pity though Michael Jackson hasn’t been played ever since 10 aired Leaving Neverland.

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