thirtysomething latest show in revival mode

A new version of 1980s dramas will centre around the thirtysomething children of the original characters.

Seminal 1980s drama thirtysomething is the latest show rumoured to be eyeing a revival.

Written by creators Marshall Herskovitz and Ed Zwick and to be directed by Zwick, the follow-up series revolves around the children of the characters in the original show, who are now 30-something themselves.

Reports suggest the intention is for original cast members to reprise their roles but there have been no formal talks.

thirtysomething ran for four seasons from 1987.

It captured the angst of the baby boomer generation and its struggles with real-life issues such as career, relationships, marriage, having kids and parenting. It centred around Michael Steadman (Ken Olin), his stay-at-home wife Hope Murdoch (Mel Harris) and their baby Janie. Melanie Mayron, Timothy Busfield, Patricia Wettig, Peter Horton and Polly Draper also starred in the series.

The series pushed boundaries with episodes that were a “meditation upon a theme” and tackled struggles of everyday people — financial woes, losing businesses, terminal illness, deaths of friends — and how it affected their relationships.

Ken Olin continues to work as a director, most recently on This Is Us and Grand Hotel. Patricia Wettig also featured on Brothers & Sisters while Timothy Busfield was on The Loudest Voice.

Source: Deadline

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