What I’ve Been Watching: Tim Ross

Presenter Tim Ross appears in ABC’s upcoming doco The Pool.

Here he talks about being hooked on Russian sci-fi but not Giggle & Hoot.

What shows are on your must-see TV list lately?
I fell down the Money Heist hole recently. Netflix kept pushing it at me and I wasn’t interested but I subscribe to Craig Mathieson’s rather nifty Binge-r email where he reviews all the best shows on streaming services and he gave it the nod so I gave it a go. I’m also enjoying the bite size chunks of Easy.

What’s your preferred genre to watch and which shows are current highlights?
I tend to almost entirely watch drama as I find it a complete escape. I watch any sci-fi shows I can and I’m working my way through the rather enjoyable Russian robot series They Are Better Than Us at the moment. Real actors pretending to be bots is rather appealing to me.

Which guilty pleasure show are you reluctant to admit to watching?
Any Russian sci-fi ticks that box. I give all the trash a wide birth and haven’t watched anything that vaguely resembles reality since I left radio five years ago.

What shows do you never want to sit through again and why?
Giggle and Hoot. My kids have come through the repetitive kids shows thankfully. All those ABC for kids shows did my head in.

What show you would secretly love to appear on?
I wouldn’t mind giving out some home truths on The Block as a guest judge.

What can we look forward to in The Pool and what’s your involvement?
Four years ago I was in Venice to watch my three friends launch their exhibition The Pool which used the swimming pool to talk about Australian identity and it was literally an absolute smash. To see those ideas evolve into a two part prime time series directed by Sally Aitken who directed Streets of Our Town has made me incredibly happy and my small role talking about Creepy Crawlers should get me a Logies nod. These series are incredibly important for us and there should be more of them. Australians want stories about us.

The Pool airs 7:40pm Sunday 22 and 29 on ABC.

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  1. ‘ These series are incredibly important for us and there should be more of them. Australians want stories about us.’…Very true….thanks for the interview….

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