Would Hughesy recognise his own neighbour on The Masked Singer?

Possible spoiler: Hughesy is going to look a little silly if he can't pick this one...

Possible spoiler:

Cmon Hughesy, surely you know your own neighbour performing on The Masked Singer?

As soon as I heard The Lion singing last week on 10’s hit show I recognised Kate Ceberano’s vocals.

That was before the clues about being “brave” (Brave album was released in 1989) and plenty of television work. There are a bunch of other clues in tonight’s show which also nod in her direction, but I won’t spoil those until aired. Oh and body shape is another telltale sign….

Update: “Factor” Kate Ceberano was a judge on The X Factor S1 on 10 / “Eyes on the prize” Bedroom Eyes single.

Ceberano also happens to be a neighbour of the home Dave Hughes famously bought on The Block 2017, although I believe he rents that one out.

Tonight The Lion sings Billie Eilish’s hit “Bad Guy.”

Hughesy is going to look a little silly if he can’t pick this one…

7:30pm tonight on 10.

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  1. Oh I’ve been thinking the lion was Casey Donovan. One clue was as a young cub went on a show that changed their life. She was only 16 when she went on Australian Idol. Another clue seemed to reference her being on I’m a celebrity.

  2. Just watched tonight’s – Prawn may be amusing – But he is not a singer

    Vocals were non-existant – They had the audio channel so low it was lost in the music

    That was probably the plan – as what was audible – did not sound very good

    How Nikki’s performance rated less is beyond me – know it is a personal view but ….

    Starting to lose credibility

    1. Yes, when I heard the first clue I thought either Jessica Mauboy or Casey Donovan. Both were only 16 when they went on Australian Idol & it’s definitely changed their lives.

  3. Hughesy wouldn’t even recognise his own wife lol. he is clueless, But then again none of the picked up on Gretel and you could straight away it was her.

    Kate Cebrano is definitely the lion, Her voice is unmistakable. Guessing by the clues my guess for the robot is Cody Simpson. I have a couple of ideas on some of the others but I’m not 100% convinced I’m right.

    1. A cheeky response, but not far removed from his own humour. I tipped another singer back in August before any clues and still happy with that. Lion was obvious last Monday with her first song. It kinda raises questions about whether the judges are supposed to stretch out the guesses, because a singer like Dannii should be getting more of these correct.

      1. Yeah I was wondering that tonight but then Jackie guessed the robot being Cody Simpson and they had previously guess the alien being Nikki Webster.

        The biggest hurdle the judges have is each other. Someone will suggest someone and they start second guessing themselves.

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