10 shows outrank Seven at 7:30

Ratings: Last week was a classic case of Seven's woes at 7:30 and a challenge for the new CEO.

New Seven CEO James Warburton knows he needs to address Seven’s 7:30 schedule and last week was a clear indication of just that with the network beaten in the slot by 10 on four nights.

The Masked Singer and The Bachelorette outranked The Real Dirty Dancing and Bride & Prejudice from Monday – Thursday.

But Seven held onto second place in the ratings thanks to Seven News and Home and Away leading its share.

Nine won another week in Total People and Demos, driven by the NRL Grand Final and The Block.

Nine: 30.7
Seven: 27.3
10: 18.0
ABC: 15.5
SBS: 8.5

Primary channel:
Nine: 21.6
Seven: 17.1
10: 12.1
ABC: 11.0
SBS: 5.2

7TWO / 10 BOLD: 3.8
9GO!: 3.7
7mate: 3.6
9GEM: 3.3
ABC KIDS Comedy: 2.4
9Life / 10 Peach: 2.1
7flix: 2.0
ABC News: 1.4
SBS Food: 1.2
SBS World Movies: 0.8
7food: 0.7
ABC ME: 0.6
NITV: 0.2

Nine led on Sunday – Wednesday. Seven scored Thursday – Saturday. ABC bettered 10 on Sunday, Friday & Saturday.

Nine claimed victory in Sydney, Melbourne & Brisbane. Seven won again in Adelaide & Perth.

Best brands last week were:

Nine: NRL Grand Final (1.87m), The Block (Mon: 978,000), Nine News (Sun: 864,000) and A Current Affair (664,000).

Seven: Seven News (915,000), Home and Away (607,000), Better Homes and Gardens (536,000) and The Real Dirty Dancing (Final performance: 528,000).

10: The Masked Singer (Mon reveal: 929,000), Have You Been Paying Attention? (813,000), The Bachelorette (Launch: 717,000) and Gogglebox (704,000).

ABC: Gruen (715,000), ABC News (620,000), Julia Zemiro’s Home Delivery (596,000) and Utopia (567,000).

SBS: Struggle Street (259,000), Insight (251,000), Britain’s Ancient Tracks (247,000) and How the Victorians Built Britain (209,000).

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  1. i’m almost ashamed to say i got sucked in by ‘Bride & Prejudice’ (since i have also said MAFS is rubbish when really they’re both clickbait trash tv), but its waaaayyy too drawn out, i didn’t watch all the eps, who has the time?? Real Dirty Dancing & Ladies Night also way too long. They may have more success if they shortened them, they also suffered going up against the Masked Singer which is light casual entertainment which i think will always get better ratings than reality shows.

  2. Seven needs to try something different in the 7.30 time slots, maybe its time to bring back a drama series instead of all the reality shows. Or even bring an hour long game show to the time slot, maybe a re worked The Price is Right would fit well for an hour then slot in a drama for second hour?

    1. A good quality, family-friendly (think Rafters, McLeods Daughters, Seachange, 800 words) drama would be nice. No crime, detective (unless funny), political, or preachy drama, please – save those for 8.30 or later.

    2. Seems they are victims of what they have created as other shows launching against the other two networks reality shows haven’t seemed to work for a number of years now, a real shame people get sucked into the reality so wouldn’t drop that show for one night to sample something else, which you can understand what with reality stripped across the week you mightn’t want to miss something.

  3. I know I have asked this before without response but thought I would try again. Is there any chance you could provide an update on total people/network share for the year and how many weeks 7-9 have won?

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