10 to kick off Upfronts season

The big announcement tipped for tomorrow is the names of the new MasterChef Australia judges.

The big announcement tipped for tomorrow’s 10 Upfronts is the names of the new MasterChef Australia judges.

There have been few rumours around who will get this prized gig.

In August Who magazine reported Maggie Beer, Curtis Stone, and Poh Ling Yeow were locked in (apparently). The Herald Sun later tipped Curtis Stone, 2012 winner Andy Allen and an “unnamed female.”  I guess that makes Curtis Stone the hot favourite. It’s pretty clear a female is mandatory, but apart from that who knows….

Expect renewals for Dancing with the Stars, Five Bedrooms, The Masked Singer, The Bachelor franchise amongst other key shows. Australian Survivor: All Stars is already back in early 2020 -will there be a second? There are whispers the confirmed season of I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out of Here will launch earlier than ever (happy new year crew!) as part of 10’s 50 week strategy.

There should be footage screened for upcoming drama The Secrets She Keeps but what about more of My Life is Murder and Mr. Black, both from CJZ Productions, and sketch comedy Kinne Tonight?

I Am Roxy is the front-runner for a full season from Pilot Week, will we get a third week of pilots in 2020? Also rumoured for a belated green light is a Drunk History Australia season.

Rule out good news for Sunday Night Take-Away I’m afraid, and I’m keen to hear about Celebrity Name Game which hasn’t yet improved on Pointless in a tough slot.

10’s Upfronts are being held across two events for advertisers at Darling Harbour. The first is a breakfast event where all the big news will emerge.

As I’m attending, ratings may be a little late tomorrow!

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  1. I’m looking forward to hearing about a possible second season for My Life is Murder.

    If they allow a bit more time to write the scripts (instead of writing 10 episodes in 10 weeks) and just stop messing around and put Alexa and Madison together as the Sherlock and Holmes team with Kieran serving the Lestrade role, it would make a huge improvement.

  2. 10 is slowly becoming a force to be reckoned with, they are slowly gathering a collection of shows people want to watch, Sunday Night Take Away tanked because instead of letting Chris & Julia be themselves and use their own natural chemistry, they copied Ant & Dec and it was cringe.

    If 10 can continue to deliver shows people enjoy the ratings will come..

    1. It’s never a good idea to buy an overseas format that grew organically over a number of years based on a country’s love of its hosts.

      Hey Hey It’s Saturday and any of the Hamish & Andy travel shows are ones that would not work overseas. And as much as we all got used to Rove, without his team of guests, he was never going to win over Americans and host a tonight show there.

      TEN is moving in the right direction for sure, I’d like to see them move Dancing WTS to a better time slot next year, and keep looking for stuff that can be localised (as they did with Masterchef and Nine’s done with Love Island)

  3. I know nothing was said in the Multi-Channel Survey however I wish 10 would use this to announce that Bold was going HD, with first runs of Hawaii Five-0 and etc., plus some of the repeats they have it’d be great to see them in HD.

    Also enjoy the Morning outing David.

      1. Yeah that is an odd one, plus some of the other shows they have on there like The Flash, Charmed (new version) and those other CW type shows are HD and should be shown that way. I still really think it’s time they got another channel and make it like a a CW channel, Neighbours would even fit there, turn Peach into 10Hits and have those sitcoms and make 10CW HD. Maybe there are licensing rights for CBS to sort out, but even if they got second run on things like Arrow, Supergirl, Legends of Tomorrow, Black Lightning, the new Bat Woman, Riverdale, Two Sentence Horror Stories and on it goes, they’d have a great 16-39 Demographic hd channel.

  4. What about Offspring? It hasn’t been on for a couple of years now and some of the cast keep saying that an eighth season could still happen

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