A Current Affair: Oct 21

Tonight on A Current Affair, boxer Jeff Fenech sits down with Sylvia Jeffreys for a tell-all chat about his recent health battle.

Sylvia Jeffreys follows the emotional journey that the family of legendary Australian boxer Jeff Fenech has endured as of late.

Known by his moniker of The Marrickville Mauler, Fenech was famous for his toughness in the ring, winning world titles in three divisions which saw him enter the Boxing Hall of Fame.

But while training one of his young fighters in Thailand earlier this month, Fenech was floored by a blocked valve near his heart, which saw him rushed into life-saving surgery.

While the surgery was a success, a bed-ridden Fenech was sadly likely to miss his daughter Jessica’s upcoming wedding in Sydney as a result.

With this knowledge, his family rushed to his bedside to perform a small ceremony in the Thai hospital, in footage provided to A Current Affair.

Unbeknownst to his family however, this fighter would muster his strength to fly home to surprise his daughter and walk her down the aisle on her special day, with exclusive access given to ACA.

7pm tonight on Nine.

Photo: Instagram

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