Airdate: Asylum City

2018 Israeli drama Asylum City, based on the novel by the same name, begins next week on SBS.

Set in the underworld of refugees and asylum seekers, it centres around those looking to help them and those who take advantage of their plight.

In Hebrew with English subtitles.

A young social activist is found dead, and the main suspect is an asylum seeker from Africa who was seen leaving her apartment. Police officer Anat Sitton (Hani Furstenberg) leads the murder investigation, unravelling a complex world of corrupt politicians, organised crime, and illegal arms deals, putting her in the centre of a dangerous universe with its own codes and morals.

Series One, Episode One:
Michal is a young idealist who works with African asylum seekers. During one of her outreach visits, she stumbles upon an illegal bank which caters to undocumented refugees and charges them exceedingly high interest rates and commission fees. Those who cannot pay – get beaten.

Tuesday, 5 November at 11.05pm on SBS.

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