Airdate: Women of Impact

National Geographic documentary Women Of Impact: Changing The World showcases more than 40 boundary-breaking women from across the globe.

They live among primates in the jungle, dive the oceans for clues to the health of our planet, uncover our human origins in African caves and test new technologies in outer space. They break glass ceilings in newsrooms, boardrooms, courtrooms and classrooms. National Geographic’s new special, Women Of Impact: Changing The World, premiering later this year, showcases an incredible group of history- making and boundary-breaking women whose stories create a stunning portrait of the past, present and future of the distinctly female impact on our world.

The special features both new and archival interviews with more than 40 women, representing a wide swath of disciplines, cultural backgrounds and generations, including the following:
• Legendary ocean explorer Sylvia Earle, dubbed “Her Deepness,” who was the first female chief scientist for the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, has been a National Geographic Explorer-in-Residence for more than two decades and was Time magazine’s first-ever Hero for the Planet
• Journalist and author Martha Raddatz, who has spent more than 20 years with ABC News covering major world events and political affairs
• Photographer Ami Vitale, who has travelled to more than 100 countries covering conservation and conflict and was named one of InStyle magazine’s 50 Badass Women in 2018
• Philanthropist Melinda Gates, who co-founded the world’s largest private charitable organisation and has been consistently ranked as the world’s most powerful female by Forbes magazine
• The incomparable Jane Goodall, who has been at the forefront of global conservation issues since 1960 and is a United Nations Messenger of Peace

The full list of original and archival interview subjects for the special includes Ella Al-Shamahi, Katy Croff Bell, Jodi Cobb, Asha de Vos, Sylvia Earle, Marina Elliott, Dian Fossey, Birute Galdikas, Melinda Gates, Dominique Gonçalves, Jane Goodall, Annie Griffiths, Jenna Jambeck, Lynn Johnson, Beverly Joubert, Gladys Kalema-Zikusoka, Heather Koldeway, Louise Leakey, Mary Leakey, Laly Lichtenfeld, Jennifer W. Lopez, Intan Suci Nurhati, Joyce Poole, Martha Raddatz, Ami Vitale and Rae Wynn-Grant.

The TV special Women Of Impact: Changing The World serves as a companion to a new landmark National Geographic book, “Women: The National Geographic Image Collection,” to be released in October. The book features more than 400 stunning photographs, drawn from National Geographic’s unparalleled image collection, spanning three centuries and more than 30 countries. Each page creates a portrait of a singular aspect of women’s existence and demonstrates for readers how the depiction of women has evolved since National Geographic’s founding in 1888. Featuring 17 behind-the-scenes stories from famed female National Geographic photographers, including Lynsey Addario, Jodi Cobb and Ami Vitale, about some of their most arresting images of women, this provocative book examines women’s lifestyles across world cultures, from historic suffragette images to the haunting green-eyed “Afghan girl.”

Women Of Impact: Changing The World is produced by National Geographic. Lisa Feit is producer, and Melanie Sams is executive producer. Christine Weber is senior vice president of National Geographic’s global production services, and Geoff Daniels is executive vice president of unscripted entertainment.

Tuesday October 29 at 7:30pm on National Geographic.

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