Auditions: The Farmer Wants a Wife

Dating series last seen on Nine in 2016, is officially coming to Seven.

Seven is reviving The Farmer Wants a Wife, last seen on Nine in 2016, in what appears to be a Trans-Tasman series.

“Australia’s most successful love show is back! The Farmer Wants a Wife is searching for single farmers who are ready to find their soulmate. This is not only Australia’s original love show, it’s also the best – by a country mile. Start your love story today,” a casting notice announces.

“Most successful” presumably refers to its strike rate of partners, marriages and even babies which have resulted from TV romance.

Applicants must be an Australian or New Zealand citizen or permanent resident aged 21 or over.

Filming by FremantleMedia is due to take place between mid-January and early-March.

Single men and women can apply here (notably it asks for “Farmers” and “Ladies” which is not terribly mod).

Seven’s 2020 Upronts are due on October 23.

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  1. This was a great show, but if they take out the “sweetness” I can’t see it doing well. One of the points of difference was that the farmers were real, they were allowed to decline all choices, and there was no pushing of physical contact. If a farmer even kissed two different candidates that was a sign that they weren’t serious enough about “finding love”. If Seven try to push the series in a MAFS or Bachelor direction, many who watched before won’t pick it up again.

  2. The farmer votes against his own self-interest and the years-long drought cause the bank to foreclose on his property sending him bankrupt and packing for the city where scomo demonises him and forces him to use an indue card to pay for his rent and food on welfare…

    1. Stealing? Once rights are are avail they’re avail. Like dancing with the stars on 7 to ten, like like aust got talent from seven to nine to Seven. Like survivor from nine to ten.
      Like factor from ten to seven.
      Like amazing race from seven to ten.
      Do you shout out other networks when they pick up older formats or are you just anti seven?

      1. Hey James, I didn’t mean to use the world ‘stealing’, more of they can’t make their own content, they need other networks to start the trend for them to pick it up. Good on them for reviving the shows but they need something fresh.

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