ausbiz, new free streaming service for business & finance.

Here’s one for all those missing Your Money.

A new streaming service dedicated to business and finance is planning to launch in 2020.

Former SKY News Business presenter Kylie Merritt (pictured, right) is the founder of ausbiz, which will be available free through a dedicated app and streaming on Twitter 8 hours per day from a studio at International Towers in Sydney’s Barangaroo precinct.

A seed round capital raising, led by David Koch, is in the final stages of completion.

“When Kylie approached me I was attracted by the fact that ausbiz uses compelling live content to build an audience, who will then be given access to suitable investment opportunities and products,” says Koch.

“It will sit at the intersection of media and Fintech, using content as the cornerstone for transactions.”

Due to launch in early 2020 ausbiz will cover breaking company and market news throughout the ASX trading session, alongside in-depth interviews and commentary.

“Australian financial markets and the broader business community want and deserve a dedicated service and streaming technology now enables this to be delivered on a cost effective and sustainable platform,” explains Merritt.

Merritt says the response from investors and commercial partners has been encouraging.

“ausbiz is not mass reach proposition, however the audience is highly valuable, influential and engaged. With smart ways of delivering content that’s measurable, we believe the commercial model has huge potential.”


  1. Thank you Kylie , David and others involved with AusBiz. SKY Business was the default channel in my home, but no more after they dumped Your Money. You have made a lot of my friends and colleagues happy.

  2. Seeing as 24 is divisible by 8, couldn’t they just repeat the 8 hour block twice a day? (assuming that the content will not be available on demand outside of the 8 hour broadcasting period)

    • It’s not a broadcast channel like Sky News Business or YM was, so there is no need to fill in the other 16 hours. Plus 8 hour old business news is as stale as a Maccas burger.

    • I think they’re aiming to cover live business news while the markets are open. Once they’re closed, their viewers probably aren’t interested in reruns or filler content.

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