Axed: Grand Hotel

Bad news for Lincoln Younes drama Grand Hotel which has been axed in the US after a single season.

Based on a Spanish series and starring and co-produced by Eva Longoria the series provided an upstairs / downstairs look at the scandals and secrets of both the Mendoza family and the staff that works for them.

It averaged around 2.7 million total US viewers across its single season but Variety reports it struggled to make an impact alongside ABC’s summer roster stacked with unscripted content, coming in below competition series like Holey Moley, Card Sharks and To Tell The Truth.

In Australia the show launched with some push by Nine to 359,000 before being bumped to a later slot. The penultimate episode screens next Wednesday.


  1. I just saw the final episode. It did end on a cliff hanger, but they did solve the season long arc. It’s a shame it didn’t get a second series. There are heaps of less worthy shows that got a second series.

  2. It’s been an enjoyable watch, plenty of eye candy to keep me watching until the story started to get good. I’m glad to hear that there is a wrap episode and they are not going to leave us on a cliff hanger.

  3. TasTVcameraman

    I started to watch it on Nine and then binged on 9Now. Not bad I enjoyed it and it got better after episode 3. Finished up with a good wrap up.

  4. Grand Hotel was given a 13 episode order as a Mid-Season replacement, then dumped to Summer. I don’t think anyone was in any doubt about its future. Which is why the gave it an episode that will serve as the ending.

  5. harrypotter1994

    I enjoyed it but they wrapped it up enough in the final episode that I’m not going to be too upset that it’s not coming back. Still a shame though.

  6. Dang, I’ve had this sitting in the Fetch box waiting to binge once it’d finished. Now to decide whether just to delete it unwatched or not….

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