BBC Earth upbeat over audience lift

Launch week share for BBC Earth was up on the previous three months for BBC Knowledge.

BBC Australia & NZ is upbeat over a lift in early audience share for BBC Earth versus its predecessor BBC Knowledge.

In launch week earlier this month, primetime share was up 67% on the previous three months for BBC Knowledge. The advertising demo of Live P25-54 also saw a significant increase, with primetime share up 60% on the previous three months, and primetime average audience increasing by 42%. Primetime average time spent viewing was up 34% and 35% of the audience reached were new viewers.*

In its opening launch week the best performer was Attenborough: The Sea Dragon at 16,100 national overnight viewers followed by Planet Earth (12,300) and Brian Cox: Forces of Nature (10,000).

Tim Christlieb, Director of Branded Services, Australia and New Zealand said: “We are thrilled with the performance of BBC Earth on Foxtel. In its first week we have seen bigger audiences with a stronger engagement compared to BBC Knowledge. The strength of the global brand and the mix of natural history, science, travel and human stories are resonating with traditional BBC Knowledge viewers who are still able to see many of their favourite shows and presenters on the channel, as well as attracting new audiences to the channel.”

Oztam data National TV panel; 01/07/19-16/10/19, Overnights & Live
New viewers defined by people who have not watched 5 mins cons on BBC Knowledge in past 3 months
Past 3 months covers 01/07/19-05/10/19
BBC Earth Launch week covers 10/10/19-16/10/1

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