Big Brother option expires at Nine

Nine's option on Big Brother expires just in time for Seven Upfronts....

Nine sources have confirmed to TV Tonight that their option on Big Brother expires this week with the network not looking to resume production on the much-talked about reality series.

That clears the way for another network to move on the show with industry rumours swirling Seven is eager to proceed. A casting notice from Endemol Shine was also posted earlier this month.

The timing is very fortuitous for Seven with its Upfronts due to take place on Wednesday afternoon (one more calendar week and Nine could have thrown a spanner in Seven’s presentation plans….).

Former host Gretel Killeen refused to rule any involvement in or out when recently asked. Former runner-up Chrissie Swan has called it her “dream job.”

With FOX Studios unavailable for filming, all eyes are on Seven’s own Eveleigh production facility as one probable home, should the network confirm production on Wednesday.

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  1. Now I’m hoping that Channel 7 get Big Brother, it’s the only one who would get it. And but I really do think Channel 7 will announce it at their Upfronts like what the media are saying. I’m hoping and waiting.. C’mon Channel 7!!

  2. I would much prefer it back on ten they know how to do it but if it is on seven let’s hope they bring mike goldman back as narrator and also have a weekly games show and 24 hr live streaming

  3. I’m getting a little tired of those that comment on BB returning and say they don’t want it or that it’s time has gone. I have noticed this every time David posts a story on it. You don’t want to see it then don’t watch it. The fans want it and we’ve waited long enough. Thanks David for keeping us posted every step of the way and look forward to many more stories.

    1. The problem is that we know it won’t last if it comes back, because it was axed twice for a good reason, low ratings. Just like Hey Hey, a noisy minority doesn’t make a return successful.

  4. Hopefully it’s just as likely that ten nab this, which may explain why their up fronts was void of a ‘big’ announcement. Perhaps they just couldn’t show their hand which will give them a chance to upstage seven this week once the rights have lapsed. One can only hope!!!!

  5. I think Australia especially has moved on from Big Brother. Survivor, Love Island, The Bachelor (and I would say almost any house or location-based reality show) all offer a more exciting / hyped up take on the format. Survivor has the remoteness / isolation / alliances / backstabbing. Love Island / The Bachelor adds drama & the romance element. What does BB have? None of these, or at best a mismatch of all of these, making it stale & boring

    1. I noted this week that one male Love Island contestant won a night in a “reward room” with the female of his choice, exactly as Big Brother used to do.

      With Big Brother, as nobody intended hooking up during or after the show they largely sat around sunbaking doing nothing. BB had to constantly create tasks and challenges to stir the pot.

      Love Island contestants must couple up to win the $100,000 prize, so automatically they have to connect with eachother and look convincing or their partner gets stolen and they’re out. LI still has activities but these are all around relationship building.

      So Nine does not need Big Brother, nor I think, would BB work nowadays.

    2. I saw an episode of Love Island and it was reminiscent of Big Brother. I dislike Survivor because of the backstabbing, deceit and double-dealing by the contestants as tactics to outplay. It’s very negative. The Bachelor is also negative because of the conflict based drama.

      I think a Big Brother revival should keep away from negativity and avoid personality clashes for drama. Previous seasons of BB did have a few negative and hostile housemates. It should retain the additional shows, such as ‘up late’ and BB games night. It’s the hosts and casting that makes for good viewing. There are some fame and attention seekers in some of the other reality shows (the social media ‘like’ seeking types), and that sort of casting should be avoided, in lieu of personality and diversity.

      1. The basis of all drama is conflict and you can go back to the Greek plays or Shakespeare for evidence. That said it’s possible to portray ‘internal conflict’ (Masterchef: “can I bake the cake in time?”) and there is room for heroes and villains in all. Hard to think of a successful show where everybody is lovely and devoid of conflict.

        1. Yep an look at Emily Brontë and Wuthering Heights it’s all about envy, pessimism and resentment, as Marieke Hardy described it on the Book Club back in 2016: “It’s like being stuck in the Big Brother house.”

  6. Am I the only one who did actually enjoy the BB run that Nine did? I feel like it was as good as we were going to get not being on 10. The Dreamworld setting, Mikey Goldman narrating, Sonya actually being an alright host, controversies (the Tully & Drew saga felt like BB of old). Can’t be forgetting how 10 gave us Kyle & Jackie O as hosts!!! *shudder*. Having said that, I still want it back on 10, at Dreamworld, with Mike & Gretel.

  7. Have your sources confirmed an exact date.
    Is ‘this week’ referencing either today (19th Oct), tomorrow (20th Oct) or does ‘this week’ actually mean sometime in the next full week.

    If it is C, Nine could still provide a spanner in the presentations if for example the right of refusal expires on Thursday. (24th Oct)

  8. Yep, im on the “it’ll likely flop on 7” bandwagon. Young people don’t want it, it’s before their time, 7’s main viewers – old people – don’t watch it, which leaves the fanatics.
    Time will tell.

  9. If seven really are doing big brother and they choose to use the US format then I predict it will flop worse than the 2014 season. The US Big Brother is only on 3 times a week and is solely focused on game play with the social experiment aspect being overshadowed. The only way I’d be happy to have Big Brother have this style of voting is it the housemates still aren’t allowed to strategise and speak of nominations, and the public at least could vote for the winner of the final 3. And of course if it’s only on 3 days a week with no streaming or some form of uncut/uplate then it will fair way worse than the attempt 9 made.

  10. Just can’t see BB working on Seven. Romantics want it on Ten and hence why it never worked on Nine. Seven would have programming clashes with their other shows plus they have the Olympics next year. Then again who knows it could happen…

  11. So with Farmer Wants A Wife and possibly BB on Seven next year guessing something will be dropped or the schedule rejigged a little. Granted the bottom half of this year has been a bit empty for Seven so they need shows, just more that for BB it’s really something that needs to be shown over the winter months.

  12. Forget big brother! Why is no one talking about doing an Aussie version of the circle? The current season on channel 4 in the UK is absolutely incredible. It’s the best TV I’ve ever seen. Big brother has had its day, get the circle on Aussie screens ASAP please!

        1. Message: Yes! The Circle is one of the most unique and captivating shows I’ve seen in years. It would be amazing to get an Australian version. I can’t wait. It makes me so excited to think about even the possibility of an Australian version. #TheCircleAu #CannotWait Send

    1. Absolutely. The Circle has found a way to take the Big Brother concept and work it in a more interesting way. The downside of our version of Big Brother – viewer voted winners – just meant we had the same kind of winner every single time because the audience valued the same personalities each year. Kind hearted, funny and comfortably dumb. The Circle mixes that up, and has the advantage of not disadvantaging the older, less hot, less traditional contestants.

      1. I wouldn’t expect viewer voted eliminations. The wording that “the game has changed” suggests taking the route in which alliances form in the house. Think Survivor in a house. But yes The Circle has a lot of buzz in the UK.

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