Bruce McAvaney calls for “immediate action”

Broadcasting icon Bruce McAvaney made an editorial yesterday ahead as Seven telecast The Everest at Royal Randwick and the Caulfield Cup in Melbourne.

His comments follow horrific footage of horse slaughter in abattoirs, on ABC’s 7:30.

“Thursday night’s ABC expose of what happens to some retired racehorses calls for immediate action,” McAvaney said.

“It was horrifying to watch. As a small-time owner it made me feel ashamed, and to not have known is not good enough.

“There has to be a way we all think going forward. The nurturing of our racehorses in retirement is just as important as the care and training given to a yearling or a four-year-old champion.

“It’s a complex issue that must be addressed as a priority. It’s going to require a unified approach nationally, across all levels of the industry.

“Horse racing can be the very best of sports, a magnificent spectacle where the thoroughbred, the strapper, the jockey, the trainer and the owner unite in a thrilling performance.

“As we’ll see here today at Randwick and also at Caulfield.

“So for the sake of the future, we need to shine a spotlight on whatever might be lurking in the shadows and take action right now.”


  1. what a bloody hypocrite you are Bruce McAvaney. This has been going on for years, and since Channel 7 has lost the rights to The Melbourne Cup, you have decided to jump up n down about it.

  2. As sympathetic as Bruce is, at the end of the day money talks and I’m sorry but channel 7 are just as complicit funding this industry and being a broadcaster. It’s not isolated. It’s been going on for years but this is what happens. They cover it up. The government will never do enough. Both this industry and the greyhound industry has always been horrific. What’s worse is in NSW a major backflip happened and now another report was released where 4000 greyhounds are missing. People are so blinded by the truth. They’re bred into existence for sport and gambling and profit. It needs to be banned but it won’t because money talks. Boycotting the Melbourne cup won’t fix the issue. The govt needs to ban it but it won’t happen. The industries protect their own at the end of the day. It’s just so sad. All for money.

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