Five Bedrooms cast: “We haven’t lost the love!”

The cast of Five Bedrooms are elated their series was officially renewed last week by 10.

“We haven’t lost the love!” Doris Younane (Heather) tells TV Tonight.

“We continue to keep in contact and see each other,” Roy Joseph (Harry) agreed.

“It’s going to be nice to hold each other again!” Younane added.

Also returning are Kat Stewart, Stephen Peacocke, Katie Robertson and Hugh Sheridan.

Filming is due to get underway in Melbourne in February, expected to pick up from where the series concluded with the sale of the rental house. But there will be changes in season 2.

“That house is not available,” says Younane.

“Which is why they wrote that in. They were protecting themselves,” adds Joseph.

“So I’m not quite sure when we will step back into a house, or whether we stay disjointed for a while. We’ve got no idea,” Younane continues.

“As long as I have the same writers and actors I’m happy.”

Producers last week were equally upbeat abut the show’s return.

Channel 10, Head Of Drama, Rick Maier said: “I’m happy to say this was an emphatic Yes from everyone involved. We love this show, the key creatives and especially this exceptional cast.”

Hoodlum Executive Producers, Nathan Mayfield and Tracey Robertson said: “We have been overwhelmed by the love and support this show has received both here in Australia and around the world. It’s a simple validation of great writing, great creatives and a stellar cast that we get to bring Five Bedrooms back for Season 2!”

Screen Australia’s Head of Content, Sally Caplan said: “It’s always a special moment when audiences connect with one character, let alone five of them as we saw with Five Bedrooms season one. We’re thrilled to support the second season of this captivating, funny and heart-felt series.”

Meanwhile Doris Younane is looking forward to more romantic storylines with hunky Steve Peacocke, but as Roy Joseph points out, the benefits are mutual.

“Doris Younane is one of the most beautiful women, so Steve’s a lucky man too!” he insists.

Younane adds, “I’m doing it for Australia, let’s put it that way.”


  1. What a shame they lost the house, because really it was a main character in itself for the show. The title is “Five Bedrooms” Hello? That alone should have made the producers want to secure the house. How realistic would it be for the characters to turn up together in another plac

  2. I enjoyed the show but found it a little unrealistic that five people at their stage of life were so excited about regressing to a share house arrangement. It was a nice house, but only one room had an ensuite, and none of the rooms had any space for home office or lounging area.

    Cast were really good, and the characters so different, they made the show work. I have loved Doris Younane since she was Elena (Max’s wife) in Seachange.

    • I don’t remember Doris in Seachange, I remember her from The Heartbreak Kid movie and Heartbreak High series. That was the first time I saw her.

  3. daveinprogress

    I’m in the minority on this site about this show, but I was pretty underwhelmed by it’s first series. I watched all of it but found some of the performances lacking and also chemistry zero between some of the integral pairings. I like the concept but was hoping like with any shared household that some new housemates would keep the dynamic moving and fresh. Kat Stewart would still be the main reason for me to tune in.

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