Have You Been Paying Attention?: Oct 28

Urzila Carlson, Glenn Robbins & Hayley Sproull are guests tonight on Have You Been Paying Attention? with Chrissie Swan as guest host.

For one night only, popular radio and TV personality Chrissie Swan will fill Tom Gleisner’s illustrious hosting shoes as she puts Australia’s funniest comedians through their paces to test if they have indeed have been paying attention.

Chrissie has her work cut out managing the wisecracks and curveballs from series regulars Sam Pang and Ed Kavalee and adored comics Urzila Carlson, Glenn Robbins and Hayley Sproull.

Thankfully, Chrissie is well braced for Sam’s quips as she has had good practice handling him on their Nova FM radio program each morning and can give as good as she gets.

With a specialty in celebrity news, Chrissie will be there to deliver questions from not only the world of entertainment but also politics, hard news, pop culture, sport and international affairs.

8:30pm tonight on 10

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