“I understand where they’re coming from”

The Block producer Julian Cress has addressed claims by contestants Tess and Luke that the show has edited them negatively and impacted their mental health.

Speaking to The Hit Network’s Hughesy and Kate radio show yesterday, Cress (pictured left) acknowledged the couple had been under immense pressure.

“Nobody who is lazy will ever get on this show — it’s too hard. There’s no way in the world Tess and Luke are lazy people. (But) everybody who comes on the show will reach a point where they are feeling extremely low. It happens,” he said.

Asked about the couple’s furious complaints with their edit, Cress said: “Well that can be really confronting. It’s slightly embarrassing to have to relive the lowest moment in your life in front of over a million people.

“It’s embarrassing, and people do — and have — lashed out. I totally sympathise with them, and I understand where they’re coming from. That is what people say when they lash out.”

Nine responded to the pair’s claims, saying they supported all the couples throughout the build and will “continue to support them”.

Source: news.com.au


  1. they actually need to dump the block, it’s boring, its the same crap every year just bigger more stressful and more impossible to do. I am surprised fair work haven’t investigated this.

    the original series of the block when the contestants actually renovated the house the way they wanted and chose which rooms to do was much better than, do this and do it this way approach they have now. every year they kick it off by renovating a guest bedroom to see who gets what house/apartment then they renovate a bathroom, Yawn.

  2. The editing this year has been particularly bad.
    Constantly cutting to the master interviews while contestants are waiting for it to start or just listening to question is the worst.
    I guess it may fool some people but it’s shamefully manipulative and real amateur stuff. The show actually suffers because of all the over hyped drama.

  3. That’s a very diplomatic response. I hope all parties can get along going forward. They have to go to Auction and try and make something above reserve for all their hard work. Good luck to them and all of the contestants at Auction 🤞

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