More talk Matt Preston, Gary Mehigan headed to Seven…

Industry chatter is rife (again) that Matt Preston and Gary Mehigan will end up at Seven in what speculation suggests is a second season of My Kitchen Rules for 2020.

Both have been rumoured for Seven before, with no suggestions the third musketeer George Calombaris will be part of the mix. All judges have previously insisted they work as a trio.

The Australian now suggests the two former MasterChef judges will front a second season of MKR (Season 12) in 2020 with Pete & Manu tipped to be mentors. Preston & Mehigan were said to have been spotted at Seven’s Eveleigh headquarters recently, which comes ahead of network Upfronts next week.

However MasterChef judges are contracted until the end of the year, while the Herald Sun notes there is also a “holdback” clause which prevents them from appearing on a rival network for some time.

Meanwhile Season 11, expected at the top of 2020, is understood to have already been filmed amid chatter it may put contestants under one roof, MAFS-style.

Further adding to the conspiracy theories, Seven ran a casting promo for MKR on the weekend which is interesting given S11 has been filming….

Update: “I can confirm that I am talking to other networks and producers about new projects for 2020 and beyond,” Preston tells “Taking over MKR as host/judge is not on the agenda! I have too much love for Manu, Colin and Pete to do that!”


  1. carolemorrissey

    Didn’t they make disparaging comments about Kitchen Rules a couple of years ago? But then if you’re out of a job I guess you can’t be too choosy.

  2. Oh what happened to the three of them being part of the same package and not taking one you wouldn’t get any, if this is true.
    Would be a shame to lower themselves to what MKR has become with all that nastiness they promote to get viewers.

  3. 2x MKR per year when the brand is already tired would be a disaster for 7. if they need to do something like that it should be 1x shortened MKR and 1x My Restaurant Rules under a completely different branding and different hosts.

  4. I seriously hope this is not true. With MasterChef, Matt and Gary (with George) were MKR’s antithesis with their positivity and focus on food. MKR is everything they are not and I would feel betrayed by them joining such a cesspit of a franchise.

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