New cast announced for Wentworth

Jane Hall, Kate Box, Zoe Terakes join Season 8 of Wentworth.

Jane Hall, Kate Box, Zoe Terakes

Three new cast members have been announce for Wentworth today as heritage Prisoner characters enter the compound.

Kate Box (Upright, Les Norton, Rake) plays former top dog of Wentworth, Lou Kelly with a reputation for impulsive brutality; Zoe Terakes (Janet King, The End) as trans character Rebel ‘Reb’ Keane and Jane Hall (Neighbours, House Husbands) is the new General Manager, Ann Reynolds who charms her colleagues but treats her prisoners with hard line prejudice.

Filming commenced this week in Melbourne.

Returning cast are: Pamela Rabe (Joan ‘The Freak’ Ferguson), Kate Atkinson (Vera Bennett), Leah Purcell (Rita Connors), Susie Porter (Marie Winter), Kate Jenkinson (Allie Novak), Rarriwuy Hick (Ruby Mitchell), Katrina Milosevic (Sue ‘Boomer’ Jenkins), Robbie Magasiva (Will Jackson), Bernard Curry (Jake Stewart) and support cast Jacquie Brennan (Linda Miles) and David de Lautour (Dr. Greg Miller).

Foxtel Executive Director of Television, Brian Walsh said: “Wentworth has been the shining star of Foxtel’s extensive slate of Australian dramas and we are very proud to call “action” on the new season. We are indebted to the remarkable creative talent involved and to showcase the outstanding line-up of actors who bring to life this compelling series.”

“Since its debut in 2013 Wentworth boasts a large and loyal worldwide following and continually attracts some of the country’s finest actors and production creatives, we are thrilled to welcome Kate, Jane and Zoe on board.”

Fremantle Director of Scripted and Executive Producer, Jo Porter said: “Some 12 months after we wrapped series 7 it was more than a little bit exciting to see the gates of Wentworth spring open and reveal not only our beloved cast but some new faces join our incredible ensemble of acting talent. We are all so proud of the calibre of actors this production has always been able to attract – and post the first read through it was clear Kate, Jane and Zoe are already comfortable in the skin of their new roles.

“Marcia Gardiner and her team of writers have shaped another exhilarating season and introduced some compelling characters that continue to draw on the legacy of Prisoner while shaping the women to reflect a contemporary Australia. Together with Pino Amenta, Marcia and our incredible writers directors, cast and crew we can’t wait to get started.”

Wentworth is a Fremantle production for Foxtel with Fremantle Director of Scripted, Jo Porter and Foxtel’s Senior Drama Consultant, Penny Win as executive producers. Pino Amenta is series producer for season eight. The directors are Kevin Carlin, Beck Cole, Fiona Banks, Corrie Chen, Roger Hodgman and Mat King. The writers are John Ridley, Kim Wilson, Peter McTighe, Max Conroy and Marcia Gardner, who is both script producer and writer. Season 8 is supported by funding from Film Victoria.

Wentworth boast numerous awards and nominations locally and internationally including two consecutive year TV Week Logie Award for Most Outstanding Drama and nominated for 2019 AACTA Awards for Best Drama Series (Season 7).

Wentworth is distributed by Fremantle International and has been sold to 158 international territories.

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  1. I’m surprised that Leah Purcell is returning because I thought her character’s storyline had finished at the end of the last series.But it’s good news anyway,because she was fantastic in her role and has added so much to the show in the last two seasons.

  2. The actress playing Reb Keane has a resemblance to Janet Andrewartha who played her in Prisoner. This is really the first time there’s been a ‘lookalike’ (unless you just count Bea’s red hair).

    I was also going to say they’ve cast Ann Reynolds much younger, however after a Wikipedia search it turns out Gerda Nicholson was 45 when she played Ann Reynolds and Jane Hall is 48. Go figure. I would have thought Gerda was older, must have been the hairstyle.

      1. So if you had to say, would she still retain a lot of the original characters support for reform and caring attitude? The original character could be very determined too and was very fair.

          1. True. I just really liked Ann in Prisoner so was hoping the characters would be similar. Jane does look sort of like the original Ann. I think Ann will be good either way.

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