New Seven show for Matt & Gary?

Rumours suggest Seven may announce a new cooking show with Matt Preston & Gary Mehigan at the network Upfronts this week.

Last week Matt Preston denied the pair were joining My Kitchen Rules, but confirmed they were “talking to other networks and producers about new projects for 2020 and beyond”.

But George Calombaris is not expected to be part of any line-up.

MasterChef judges are understood to be signed to 10 until the end of the year with various “hold-backs” thereafter which determine how long they must wait before signing with other commercial networks in Australia.

But they are free to pursue international opportunities with all three remaining popular overseas including in countries such as India and South Africa.

Seven’s Upfronts will be held late on Wednesday afternoon and is tipped to unveil the lengthiest slate of new shows compared to Nine and 10’s renewals.

Source: Herald Sun


  1. In response to: “Seven’s Upfronts will be held late on Wednesday afternoon and is tipped to unveil the lengthiest slate of new shows” I fell that most of 7’s recent main channel offerings have failed to fire and existing shows are aging and less appealing to viewers, so consequently need new shows to try and gain back some of their ratings. I am still wondering who is out in front for 2019…..

  2. If they do go to seven i hope they don’t make it a waisted opportunity like Hell’s Kitchen that would have been so good if it was a civilian version and not celebrity’s

  3. This is usually the stage of the scandal cycle that audiences start to forgive and become more open minded to giving someone another chance. Good to see that the community is not letting george off the hook as much. For too long the consequence for wage theft has been a slap on the wrist or a few months out of the spotlight, hopefully this sets an example.

  4. George was interviewed by Fitzy and Wippa this week. Regarding their future plans, George said he had no plans for television in the near future because he had plans to expand his restaurant empire. He did give a strong indication that Matt and Gary were looking at more television work but had to wait until their contracts expire with Ten.

    • Sounds like he George is giving the others an out then, as if they were an inseparable package would be harder for any of them to sign as a group given his issues this year, while Garry and Matt are then in a hard place unless George says he’s opting out…,

    • George was dumped by 10 after the s**t hit the fan regarding the cheating the books lawsuit. I guess Matt and Gary realised it would be stupid of them to go down with a sinking ship, although I think they may have realised this after 10 dumped them from MasterChef.

  5. Maev....Sydney

    The papers have been pushing this line for ages….I don’t put a lot of store in it….I suspect overseas…India maybe…just my thoughts.

  6. Personally l feel MasterChef was part due to Matt, Garry and dare l say it George. Only time will tell if the new judges can keep the show alive. Having said that l don’t know whether Matt & Garry can make an impact without MasterChef. Garry has had a few food shows that never really rated Weekend with the Boys and Far Flung come to mind. Again it will be the shows format that will be critical to their success

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