Nine News covers AFL trade week

Nine News Melbourne and The Age have teamed up to cover next week’s AFL Trade Week.

Trade Week is the period in which the AFL permits clubs to exchange players and draft picks with each other.

Hugh Nailon, Director of Nine News Melbourne, said: “Trade Week is the season of hope, where supporters of all 18 clubs have a vested interest in the outcome. We’re delighted to join forces with our colleagues at The Age to deliver comprehensive and reliable Trade News.”

The country’s leading Aussie Rules journalists will present two video news bulletins each day at 11.30am and 4.30pm on and

The combined experience from the two news powerhouses will provide unrivalled analysis of who’s in, who’s out, and everything in between.

Plus, Nine’s Afternoon News at 4.00pm and our flagship bulletin at 6.00pm, together with The Age online and in print, will offer footy fans expert rolling analysis of the biggest week in the AFL off-season.

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  1. Just on this, how’s Hutchy’s CrocMedia’s new “Trade game” with Andy Maher been rating on 7mate (ep 1 aired on Monday late and ep 2 7:30pm on Wednesday)?

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