Not quite Mega Mini Golf…

In July TV Tonight speculated whether Holey Moley might be on the Upfronts list this season, having been created by Aussie Chris Culvenor and produced in the US by Eureka Productions with Unanimous Media.

This week that tip came true in the form of Mega Mini Golf (working title).

The reason for the name change is due to another company in Australia owning the Holey Moley brand, with putt-putt nights and drinks happening across the country.

So there are a few legal hoops for everyone to jump through before a name is finalised. It would make sense for them to get some mega-publicity if Seven’s show becomes a hit.

The plan for Aussie contestants is to fly to the US to compete on the large-scale course, similar to Wipeout and The Wall. The good news is the course, which currently comprises 10 holes, is to be doubled for its second season.

That’s the course Eureka will be using for the Aussies. A number of profile stars are already putting up their hand for the wacky commentary.


  1. Hopefully it’s not like The Wall. Good show but they spent all the money flying everyone overseas and were left with a little known host. It would have been better if they’d got someone like Larry Emdur to host it. My guess is big name hosts like Larry weren’t prepared to (or did’nt have time to) travel overseas for it. But your last line gives promise this will be different….

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