Returning: True Love or True Lies?

Think Love Island but with actual fakes...

Think Love Island but with actual fakes…

MTV’s reality game show True Love or True Lies? returns later this month.

Danny Dyer returns as the humorous voiceover, joined by his daughter, Dani Dye (yup), in her television-presenting debut.

“I’m buzzing to be working with MTV on this incredible show.,” he said. “I honestly thought I had worked out who the lovers and liars were, but I was so shocked when the couples were kicked out every night. It just shows that no one can really tell what true love looks like! I can’t wait to get all my friends and family to play along at home. No one is going to want to miss this. You will be hooked!”

In season two, eight couples enter an idyllic mansion in Malta, all competing to prove their love is real and win a large cash prize. Some of them are real-life lovers; some are liars—fake couples trying to steal the cash for themselves.

Nobody knows which couples are liars, including Danny and Dani, leaving the mystery for viewers at home: Have you got what it takes to spot the fakes?

Each day the couples take part in Love Games, designed to test their relationship, and get insight into everyone else’s. Each night, Dani Dyer will host a Love Ceremony where the couples confront each other and state whose love they believe is a lie.

The couple with the most votes must leave the mansion immediately and finally reveal if they are real-life lovers or liars. If the evicted couple are lovers, the prize fund stays the same. If they turn out to be liars, the prize fund increases by £10k. The couple who can go all the way and win the competition takes home the total cash prize.

In season one, Liv and Louis (a pair of liars) took home a £90K jackpot. Will true love prevail in season two?

Tuesday, October 22nd at 8am on MTV.

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