Scott Cam named national careers ambassador (with a hat tip to Utopia)

The Block‘s Scott Cam was this week named ‘national careers ambassador’ due to his rise from tradie beginnings.

He appeared with Prime Minister Scott Morrison and Senator Cash at a launch in Randwick on Thursday.

Senator Cash described Cam as a “former apprentice around 40 years ago now” and “literally a household name in Australia”, citing the fact he ran his own business and had employed apprentices as qualifications for the role.

But Labor and the unions suggested the Coalition should stop hiring “celebrities” and properly fund TAFE and apprentices instead, while the government is refusing to detail how much Cam has been paid for the 15 month role.

Meanwhile, the gang over a Utopia reckon they know where the idea came from….

This one is bound to make the cut on HYBPA?

Source: The Guardian


  1. Reminds of the episode from The Thick of it, when the Minister gets Andy Murray to endorse a Government program and Malcolm Tucker tells them to drop Murray.

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