A tale of three farewells….

There was a balloon drop for Sonia Kruger, champagne, a cake & David Campbell in tears. And then there was Today.

It’s not often someone jumping ship for another network gets an on air farewell, which is doubtless an indication of much Sonia Kruger is loved at Nine.

Today Extra crew gathered for a farewell  in her last show this morning. There was a balloon drop, champagne, a cake and David Campbell in tears.

“We’ve danced, scared each other, laughed, we’ve cried…. we’ve had hot shit Fridays, we’ve goofed off, hopefully we’ve entertained people who have viewed it at home…” Campbell said.

“Everyone here is going to miss you so much. It’s really hard….”

As the tears flows, Sonia replied, “These people have been incredible to work with. I want to say thank you to all of the people behind the camera. They work so hard. The hair and make-up people, the camera operators, the floor managers…. you guys really make this show. We make this show for our audience, and you’re the people we love, who are at the heart of everything that we do.

“If only I could work out which camera I’m on,” she joked.

“It’s been an absolute joy.”

Earlier The Today Show also got sentimental, which differed not just to Georgie Gardner having no farewell but was a contrast to Tony Jones final regular show this morning in which he joked to his dog Archie,“Archie, it’s not a great morning. You should have just stayed in bed with mum, shouldn’t you, mate? The good news is, Archie has a new two-year contract. I got the arse. It’s all going very, very well.”

However Jones promised that he was not completely leaving.

“Obviously I’ll bob up from time to time when there is about eight people calling in sick next year. I look forward to it, and it has been a very, very fun year,” he said.

“Tony, it has been a pleasure. You are one of those people, you always throw to the heart is in the mouth a little bit because where is Tony going to go with this, but that’s one of the great joys of live TV. I reckon you are just about the best live TV performer in Australia. A lot better than me. I can’t get the words out,” Tom Steinfort said.

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  1. A lovely farewell to Sonia this morning. Sad to see her go. She seems like a genuinely nice, unpretentious person with a wicked sense of humour.
    Mornings, (now Today Extra), is the only morning TV I do sometimes watch.
    Have enjoyed the chemistry between David and Sonia – not forced at all and both genuinely appear to like and respect each other….a rarity in local morning television. It’s obvious David will miss her heaps as he was quite teary this morning.

  2. Goergie got her big goodbye the first time she left and I guess seeing as she is still with nine not much sense in throwing her a huge farewell. Want to point out when KAK was dumped by nine for Sonia and David, KAK’s final episode was a rush job farewell and very half-assed

        1. Just the overall mess of Nine’s morning television, the awkward speech from Deb and Tom earlier in the week travelling Georgie to Tony Jones cringe crosses.

          Sums up a disaster of a year for the show(s). Thank goodness Nine are blitzing it this year in prime time where it really matters.

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