Adam & Symon leave Gogglebox

Adam Densten & Symon Lovett are the latest cast members to depart Gogglebox.

The Sunday Herald Sun reports the best mates have decided to move on. They follow in the footsteps of Angie Kent & Yvie Jones, Tom Walsh & Wayne Mott and original family the Kidds.

Both were recently mingling with the 10 family at the Melbourne Cup Carnival and have previously accepted Logie Awards on behalf of the show.

Foxtel has been on the hunt for new cast across much of 2019, and will be looking for a new Melbourne household at public casting events from next week.


  1. timmydownawell

    Good to keep switching up the cast. I liked these guys, but some get a bit predictable after a while. Hopefully Anastasia and Faye will go next.

  2. I’m so sick of them and others using this show as a platform to fast track their media careers and not allowing others out there a chance who have been trying to get into the industry the old fashioned way for a long, long time. It also makes Gogglebox less genuine.

    • I agree Blake, I have been in the industry for nearly 20 years climbing up step by step. It’s very frustrating and sometimes make you think one day will you catch that big break after all the hard work you put in over time.

    • I think that’s s bit harsh on the boys. To be fair they’ve stuck it out for about 4 years and began the show not knowing if it would bomb or not. They come across as pretty genuine to me and have been going through uni etc. Not comparable to the ones doing a 6 week stint on Love Island or MAFS etc.

    • Sorry but I completely disagree. These 2 were amongst the most genuine of the cast, both seem pretty career orientated with their physio jobs, and even if they land media careers it’s because they both deserve it. The were entertaining, witty and just nice guys to see on television. I wish them nothing but the best.

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