Airdate: Celeste Barber: Challenge Accepted

Next week is the finale for Have You Been Paying Attention? and it looks like 10 will keep the comedy slate going with a special Celeste Barber: Challenge Accepted to run the following week.

Hilarious social media super star, Celeste Barber explains the stories behind her most famous images, her new relationship with famous people, the trolls, fans and comments that get under her skin.

8:30pm Monday December 2 on 10.


    • >> I stopped reading and lost interest with this quote

      That’s unfortunate. I saw an interview recently (sorry, IDK where it was) and whilst I know her from The Let Down; Celeste had ongoing roles in All Saints and Home and Away (to name two).

      The fact that a social media piss-take of the rich and famous has translated into international fame is neither here nor there.

      Good luck, and all power to her I say.

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