Airdate: DisRupted

On the International Day of People with Disability, ABC ME will screen three short films from Australia’s next generation of filmmakers with a disability.

Rocky & Me, And Then Something Changed and The Legend Of Burnout Barry seek to disrupt and reframe how disability is understood and kids will be drawn into the funny and clever stories that are full of heart and capture what it’s like to be a young person with disability in Australia.

Rocky & Me
Rocky & Me follows the story of Stella, a girl living with Cerebral Palsy who gets her first wheelchair, and along with it, her independence. Stella names her first set of wheels “Rocky.” Rocky gives her a sense of freedom and confidence she’s never experienced before. Stella finally finds the courage to stand up to her best friend. Stella is a passionate swimmer, but until now she only swims in secret. The new life guard, Busy, offers to coach her. Stella is amazed when she competes in her local Swim Meet. Based on the true misadventures of creator Johanna Garvin, Rocky & Me is an uplifting story with a universal message – nothing is impossible!
Featuring: Emily Prior, Rodger Corser, Kadel Barty-King, Susie Youssef, Willow Speers and Roxana Skidmore.
Johanna Garvin: Creator, Co-Writer, Co-Producer, Director, Holly Lyons: Co-Writer, Co-Creator, Script Producer, Claire Tonkin: Executive Producer (CJZ), Toni Malone: Director of Production (CJZ) and Selina Forbes: Production Supervisor (CJZ). Based on the true misadventures of Johanna Garvin.

And Then Something Changed
What would it feel like to live in a world that isn’t built for you? 8 year-old Louis wakes up to what he thinks is going to be just another normal school day, but finds the world around him has become inaccessible. The stairs, car, locker and clothes no longer function as Louis expects. But is this world a dream of the past? And Then Something Changed is a fun and un-sensationalized look at a ‘day in the life’ of a child with dwarfism, turning our idea of accessibility on its head.
Featuring: Theo Watson-Bonnice, Greta Watson-Bonnice, Pete Bevin, Finn Noonan Seymour, Benji Sam Mazzone, Alexander Blake Harding, Kate Stones, Matilda Wilby, Isabella harrod Speight, Charlotte Jet Anaba.
Keiran Watson-Bonnice: Creator, Director, Writer, Eliza Hull: Creator, Producer, Additional Writing, Donna Andrews and Stu Connolly: Executive Producers, Hermione Merry: Additional Writing, Carly Myers: Script Consultant, Matthew Myers: Art Department Assistant.

The Legend of Burnout Barry
Josh “Wheely” Wilson and his best mates, siblings Shay & Brent, are an unlikely combination. Yet the three make for an inseparable trio of teenagers, all hell bent on having a good time and tightly bound by their insatiable appetite for adventure. So when speed demon and proud record holder Wheely learns that there’s someone in town faster than him, he immediately sets about finding the elusive and legendary speedster called Burnout Barry to challenge him to a race. But when Shay and Brent refuse to be part of his latest record attempt, feeling undervalued, Wheely must face his nemesis alone. What he soon discovers, is that friendship and teamwork are far more important than any shiny new record…and that a scary old recluse is maybe not so scary after all.
Featuring: Oli Pizzey-Stratford, Jade Knight, Basil Firea, Keith Robinson, Irene Lee, Ferninand Hoang, Deone Zanotto, Nicholas Colla, Nicolette Minster, Bailey Jankovic, Billy Ung.
Production Info
Isaac Elliott: Creator, Director, Nicholas Colla: Creator, Producer, Nicolette Minster: Creator, Writer, Chris Hocking: Producer. From an original idea by Isaac Elliott. Production company: LateNite Films.

5:30pm Tuesday December 3 on ABC ME.

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