Airdate: Inside The Orient Express

Doco specials Inside The Orient Express will screen tonight on SBS.

Two episodes will air.

Exalted by filmmakers, fantasised by Agatha Christie, the Orient Express is the most famous train in the world, but who knows its true story? From Paris to Istanbul, via Venice, this exclusive investigation tracks down the lost carriages of the legendary train that revolutionised the art of travel.

Series One, Episode One:
Follow the passion-driven work of train hunters, industrial archaeologists, antique train collectors, historians, and writers (Charles King and Orhan Pamuk), in order to recapture the great epic of the Orient Express.

Episode Two:
The Orient Express is a myth, a promise of adventure and an invitation to travel in unparalleled luxury. It is quite simply the most famous train in the world. But who really knows what lies behind the legend?

Sunday, 17 November at 8.30pm on SBS.


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