Axed: The Inbetween

Disappointing news for Aussie Hariet Dyer with her US series The Inbetween being axed by NBC.

Dyer (Love Child, The Other Guy) starred in the lead role of a psychic who is able to see visions of the past and future and communicate with the dead. She uses her gifts to help solve a number of murders.

“I was just this Australian girl who wandered in and gave it a swing, and they liked it. It’s like a unicorn, a hole in one… first pilot season and I got a role and it’s going ahead. That doesn’t happen much anymore so I’m pinching myself,” she recently told TV Tonight.

The series also starred Justin Cornwell, Anne-Marie Johnson, Cindy Luna, Chad James Buchanan, and Paul Blackthorne.

It aired in Australia on Universal.

Source: Variety

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