Report: Blue Heelers reboot in development

Updated: A drama reboot of Blue Heelers is reportedly in the works.

Victoria Police TV & News claimed on Facebook, that a “reboot of 90s favourite Blue Heelers is also in the works at Channel 7.”

Victoria Police provided a police consultant on scripting to the original Blue Heelers.

It also suggested “We have just received an email confirming that Channel 7 have decided not to renew #HighwayPatrol for a 12th season and unfortunately the show will NOT return in 2020.”

However a CJZ source has since advised the axing is not correct.

A Seven source has also advised the axing is incorrect.

Highway Patrol is produced by NZ-based Greenstone Pictures, a division of CJZ group.


  1. Brining back blue heelers for another 20 seasons would be great but, you know gathering up the old crew would be hard, still would love to see it come back i would actually watch normal tv again and not netflix and disney plus #bringbackblueheelers2020 #bringbackblueheelers

  2. Is this the latest tactic for channel 7? Dont commit to any show. Instead Start a rumour about a show to see what reaction is from viewers. If reaction is bad , drop it quietly. They seem to have sounded out a few shows lately, particularly Big Brother!
    Blue Heelers was a great show but they have already committed to RFDS (Flying Doctors remake) Is there room and more importantly the money for two big Aussie drama shows?

  3. Reportedly? That means it’s a rumour and not confirmed.
    I loved the show but I hope it doesn’t happen. It’s an iconic show and should be left alone. Same goes for All Saints!

  4. Who doesn’t love seeing Ash Bower and Megan Dewyn book some traffic offenders again and again. The same ones. I think I’ve seen some of those episodes at least 6 times lol. The new ones have been refreshing.

  5. Loved Blue Heelers. Hope the rumours are true. I was sad when it ended. That’s the thing about 2019 these days, the day of the weekly drama is gone. We need to bring it back although it’s hard to say if people would commit to them. A reboot would be great.

  6. Blue Heelers is one of Australia’s greatest shows. I sincerely hope this doesn’t go ahead. Sometimes things are better left in the past, have a look at Seachange. The latest attempt was nothing compared to the almighty original. I’d prefer to watch a new format, we have plenty of creative talent out there, we should utilise it more.

  7. Blue Heelers was a 1990s low budget procedural/soap with a glacial pace. People would watch that then. If they remake it will have the name and a country police station but be completely different.

  8. Remember the much anticipated reboot of A Country Practice? Did they see the failed Seachange and realise don’t mess with a classic? (Wentworth seems to be the only one that has worked).

  9. Yes please to Blue Heelers. More Aussie drama is always welcomeef by me, particularly those in a rural setting. I’ve really missed Doctor Doctor this year, and look forward to seeing more of him next year.

    • I hope so too. I’m also hoping they don’t do a Seachange and change the location. I live Werribee way and loved watching the cast and crew filming around town. With our current climate around there, the more police the better…?

  10. mathewburton89

    Highway Patrol is a good series, but they probably lose viewers but shunting it here there and everywhere, plays on Wed nights for a few weeks then move to Mon then Sun to make way for reality shows…should keep and pute on 7mate permanently

    • Highway Patrol is used as a schedule filler by Channel 7 and the fans are used to them putting it on whenever they feel like it and if they decide to repeat an old episode or finally premiere a new episode of it, just another day at Channel 7. 7mate for new episodes? No.

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