Doctor Who: trailer

BBC has dropped its first trailer for the new season of Doctor Who, due in “early 2020.”

Jodie Whittaker will reprise her role as the Thirteenth Doctor alongside Tosin Cole (Ryan) Mandip Gill (Yaz) and Bradley Walsh (Graham) who are all returning for their second series.

The new trailer also confirms the return of one of the Doctor’s oldest and most dangerous enemies, the Cybermen. Recently-announced Stephen Fry and Lenny Henry are spotted.

Goran Višnjić and Robert Glenister are also set to appear.

Robert Glenister said: “I first appeared in Doctor Who in The Caves of Androzani at the tender age of 24 in 1984. Thirty five years later I got to be in it again at the not so tender age of nearly 60. How time flies!”

Speaking ahead of his debut appearance, Goran Višnjić, added: “I’ve always been a huge fan of Doctor Who, so when the offer to play one of my favourite people in history came, it made me so happy to be part of the show and it turned into this awesome, dream job!”


  1. No, not correct. The 1st episode is on new years day followed by the next episode on the 4th as it is a 2 parter. Then the rest of the series will continue from the 11th Jan onwards.

    • Well, there’s more action in this trailer than in the entirety of Series 11, so fingers crossed. I believe Chibnall and the BBC have listened closely to all the criticism of the last series and have worked hard to correct their course.

      • I have to confess that recent Dr Who seasons have lessened my interest in Dr Who a bit, my curious sampling of a few Season 11 episodes made me think that the original anglicized theme of Dr Who was being revised mainly for U.S. audiences and BBC America, the BBC is working hard to develop a stronger presence in the USA which does have reasonable numbers of ‘Who’ fans who probably still enjoy struggling with British accents and the hammed up eccentricities of the lead actors.

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