Friday Flashback: Recovery

Ahead of tomorrow’s ABC Recovery special, time to look back on the wild Live show which Dylan Lewis hosted from 1996 to 2000.

Here’s an Agony Aunt segment which featured advice from teen audience members, plus a mock “Steve Vizard” phone call.

In case you’re wondering the hooded Enforcer was Angus Sampson (and the show’s film reviewer was Leigh Whannell.)

Recovery: The Music and The Mayhem airs 9am Saturday (repeated Wednesday 27 November at 9pm) on ABC.


  1. Recovery documentary and Dylan looking back at the best live performances was awesome! If Monkey Magic could have followed instead of Grand Designs that would have been perfect.

  2. I’m looking forward to watching this. Used to love watching it in the mornings. I can’t remember if they ever announced who the enforcer actually was. I’m going to have to tape this so I can watch it after work, so many memories.

  3. The Set recaptured some of the magic of the live music performance show in the style of Recovery, where the set had a homely feel to it. At least one season was broadcast from an actual house, as I recall Leigh Whannell giving movie reviews from a bathtub. In the studio seasons, there was a kitchen.

    Recovery did have more mayhem, with the likes of the Enforcer & wild performances. There were definitely classic moments of television, such as Jon Spencer Blues Explosion trashing the set, & Green Day & Public Enemy not realising or caring that the broadcast was live. The Set in comparison is quite tame and I think the wild, off-the-wall and unpredictable nature of Recovery was a factor in its popularity. Recovery did cross-over to other genres at time, with interviews with pop band Aqua and some focus on electronic music. Great memories!

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