Gallery: SBS Upfronts 2020

Last week SBS presented a great Upfronts last week at The Cutting, Barangaroo under Head of Publicity Jo’an Papadopoulos.

Advertisers, media, producers & SBS personalities sat down to a yummy lunch as the presentation unfolded (SBS food is always tops). Electric Fields performed.

Here’s a gallery of some of the folk attending including managing director James Taylor and assorted faces on SBS channels in 2020: Jenny Brockie, Marc Fennell, Justine Clarke, Ryan Corr, Ricardo Goncalves, Anton Enus, Joel Creasey, Lucy Zelic, Ernie Dingo, Benjamin Law, Catherine Văn-Davies, Silvia Colloca, Diana Chan, Indira Naidoo, Rachel Perkins, Greig Pickhaver, Janice Petersen, Mike Tomalaris, Rachael Hocking and John Paul Janke.

You can read up on SBS plans and multichannels here.


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