Mad About You revival: trailer

Yep. Paul and Jamie Buchman are back, 20 years on.


A trailer has been released for the Mad About You revival with Paul Reiser and Helen Hunt (yep, it got real, folks).

The return of Paul and Jamie Buchman is expected to be set 20 years after the original series’ ended its run.

The first six episodes are due in the US next week, with another six next year as part of a limited series.

As yet no Australian broadcaster (nor streamer) has indicated acquiring the rights.

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  1. I hope 10 picks it up for it’s limited run. Hopefully the writing/magic is still there. The trailer wasn’t enticing but I’ll watch because I really liked this show for it’s first few seasons.

  2. Are you a true Will & Grace fan? The new series has had plenty of great moments that sit completely in line with the original run. The episodes with Jack and Elliot, Karen and Beverly, Will and his mum etc. A lot of it does feel too forced or a bit different but i feel like the revival has been worth it bringing back a lot of the feeling and nostalgia of the show.

    1. 157 out of 198 episodes of seasons 1-8 made my rewatch list (you can decide for yourself if that qualifies me as a true fan) while none of the 9 episodes I tried in series 9 did. While it is theoretically possible my sense of humour changed between Oct 2017 when my rewatch ended and May 2018 when I tried season 8, I doubt it.

  3. So a 20 year jump means they will be 2 years off the flash-forward that happened in the finale, so we’re two years away from Lisa Kudrow’s character of Ursula becoming Governor of New York (and Mabel was played by Janeane Garofalo in that future). Guess though they’ll go down the Will and Grace it didn’t happen path and continue on in a different way, what would be interesting is the could actually do a scripted Friends reunion in Mad About You and it would only have to be 3 minutes or so.

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