Report: Sonia Kruger jumps from Nine to Seven

Sonia Kruger is returning to Seven, according to a media report.

The Daily Mail claims Seven is offering Kruger more money than Nine.

Yesterday reports emerged she had been offered a three year deal at Nine, estimated at $1.5m for Today Extra and The Voice, amongst other duties.

It isn’t clear what role she will have at Seven, but the network has Big Brother joining the schedule, which Kruger hosted in its last incarnation on Nine.

Kruger previously appeared on Seven until 2011, notably on Dancing with the Stars, and has been a reporter for Today Tonight, Sunrise and 11AM. Her partner Craig McPherson is also head of News & Current Affairs.

Her departure from Nine will leave questions around both Today Extra and The Voice while Carols by Candlelight is also due next month.

Seven declined to comment. Nine has also been contacted for comment.

This post updates.


  1. Larry & Kylie just win by default, and Today Extra is so similar to Mornings with Larry and Kylie. If Studio10 could afford to ditch the painful advertorials, or at least cut back to one per hour, I believe they’d get the most viewers as their content and panel style is so much more interesting than 7 & 9. Perhaps have one major sponsor per day with graphics on screen, product placement, humorous short ad segments, and shorten the show or make the news segments longer. And for the sake of humanity, add Gretel Killeen to the panel !!

  2. carolemorrissey

    So will this be effective immediately or will she be with 9 till the end of the year? If she does go I hope they give her a decent send off. Not have her disappear with no mention of leaving. I really hate it when they do that. Audiences expect a decent send off.

  3. 7 recently announced that they will be doing more stripped reality at 7 30pm so she could end up anywhere on Seven. What about the Midday Show rumour?? The biggest clue to this rumour is hubby. Sonia on Today extra and hubby at Seven is a bit awkward.

  4. Sonya is a good presenter but there are many just like her who can do what she is doing. Her ratings power is not had the best of records. I dont think she is worth the big bucks on offer. Mornings arnt exactly a ratings juggernaut

    • Nine had Sarah stuck on Weekend Today, she is amazing on Studio 10, but 10 should use her journalistic abilities more. everyone seems to under-shine on Studio 10, They should give KAK her own weekly chat show.

      • @ craig77 + 1. I don’t know which genius at Nine believed that Sonia would be more popular than KAK. The Morning Show has been unstoppable since its May 2007 debut. I don’t think Sonia defecting to Seven is going to be the only behind-the-scenes movement at Nine.

  5. Sometimes in contract negotiations networks learn info via the press, and sometimes talent use the press to increase bargaining power too….. my instincts tell me this could be one of those times.

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