Report: Sonia Kruger offered new Nine contract

Sonia Kruger has been offered a new 3 year contract at Nine, according to showbiz reporter Peter Ford.

The offer is in contrast to media reports that suggested she might be dropped from Today Extra if Georgie Gardner took the chair -Nine has denied recent reports.

“It would see her continuing to do Today Extra, see her continuing to do The Voice and other projects as they arise (with) a three year guarantee,” he told 6PR.

“I’m told the amount of money is very substantial. You’re probably looking at $1.5m+ for the three years which is good considering the bulk of that is in daytime television.”

According to Peter Ford, Kruger is yet to sign the deal.


  1. Maybe 9 will surprise us all and axe Today and Today extra and put on something people want to watch. You could probably show 6 hours of traffic cameras around the country and it would be more entertaining.

  2. Sonia need to stay she actually has a personality and presents well. Deserves to stay.

    Georgie needs to go shes so bland. I would be booting her from today next year 100%.

  3. Good on you Sonya ,I think your aok,I await with interest the today show next year ,can a bigger budget help Richard Wilkins hair ,all this and more will be uncovered so stay tuned.

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