Returning: Behave Yourself

Unaired episodes of Seven panel show Behave Yourself will screen in non-ratings from next week.

The series hosted by Darren McMullen was pulled from Seven schedules in 2017 due to low ratings.

Produced by Eureka Productions it saw panellists attempt to make sense of our irrational human behaviour.

Lawrence Mooney was the sole regular panellist with rotating guests including Shane Warne, Kate Langbroek, Nazeem Hussain, Claire Hooper, Larry Emdur, Virginia Gay, Gina Liano, Stephen K. Amos, Kerri Anne-Kennerley, Tom Ballard and more.

A handful of episodes will air from 10:30pm Tuesday on Seven.


  1. I enjoyed this show and I am happy it is back (well, the unaired episodes are back).
    Claire Hooper was also a regular panalist as she appeared in every episode that screened,

  2. carolemorrissey

    Oh I got excited then. I was thinking it was a completely different show. I thought it was the one that Gretel Killeen & Matt Okine did a few years back on ABC. Can’t remember if I watched this one but I love Laurence Mooney so will give it a go.

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